Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How to do when your Children Coming out as Bisexual?

bisexual girls

Have you ever thought about that what should you do when your children coming out as gay, lesbian or bisexual to you? Finding out that your daughter or son is gay, lesbian or bisexual can be really a shock, but it is important for you to learn to understand and accept them since that is who they really are. This is very important because many people still have prejudice on LGBT people, especially for bisexual people. If you don't understand and support your children, it really can knock down your their confidence.

1. Let your children know that you still love them,even though they are now known as bisexual girls or bisexual boys. They may struggle before them coming out to you, and they still suffered from the different attitude that people treat bisexual people. Your love can be so important to let them feel that they are not alone by feeling abandoned by the world.

2.Show your understanding to them. You may not accept the fact that your boy or girl is bisexual people at the first time. Try to talk to them and get to know their stories and feelings. Get to know their thoughts and feelings is the best way to support them at this stage. Just listen to them and show your understanding and support to bisexual people.

3.Try to learn about bisexual. That will make you understand your children's thoughts and feelings in a better way. You can also try to know some other bisexual people by joining some bisexual communities or bi websites. It give you something to talk about with your children.

4. Try to accept your child. If you present your child with shame or any feelings like that, chance for your children to get the understanding and acceptance of the rest of your family members is getting lower. Nevertheless, it still takes time to accept the fact of your children are bisexual girls or bisexual boys. You don't need to accept their bisexuality at the very first time. It takes time!

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